Skin/Soft Tissue Punch Biopsy for Pathology/Histology Analysis

Skin/Soft Tissue Punch Biopsy for Pathology/Histology Analysis

Test: Pigmented Lesion (r/o melanoma panel
Non-Pigmented Lesion (r/o carcinoma) panel
Dermatitis panel
Tumor (Ganglion/Lipoma/Sarcoma) panel
Submission Criteria: 2 mm to 4 mm punches. Multiple punches may be appropriate for larger lesions and may be submitted together when they are from the same anatomical site and for the same condition. Place immediately into formalin.
Storage and Stability:
Rejection Criteria: Rejection criteria include but are not limited to:

  1. Mismatched requisitions
  2. Specimens without two patient identifiers
  3. Specimens submitted without approval
Turnaround Time: 3 days
Clinical Significance: This is one of the most important diagnostic tests for skin disorders. Ideal for examination of cutaneous neoplasms, pigmented lesions, inflammatory lesions, and chronic skin disorders with deep dermal involvement. Multiple punch biopsies may provide similar diagnostic information as a larger excisional biopsy with reduced healing time.
Reference Ranges: Not detected for all targets
Method: Panels are comprised of one or more of the following:

Hematoxylin and Eosin Stain

Periodic Acid – Schiff Stain

Grocott’s Methenamine Silver Stain

Gram’ Stain

Fontana Masson Stain

Immunohistochemical Staining