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National Leader in COVID Testing

  • >2.7 Million tests
  • 100,000 Capacity Per Day
  • 24-Hour TAT,  48– Hour Guarantee
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Portal Accessibility
  • On-site Training & Staff
  • Testing Supplies/Kits
  • Courier & Shipping
  • Greater than 98.9% Specificity & Sensitivity

Reditus High-Throughput PCR General Testing Services

Reditus will be providing all testing for your company utilizing its Thermo Fisher EUA PCR high-throughput testing platform. Reditus will be supplying all test collection kits that will include sterile nasal swabs, viral collection media and transport tubes. Reditus will file and report positive cases to all state and local health departments.

Reditus is a participating laboratory in the Thermo Fisher Scientific ReadyCheckGo program. Reditus also was selected as the top laboratory in District 4 in Thermo Fisher’s back-to-school program.

Scope of Services

  • Reditus Laboratories will provide testing supplies for your company including but not limited to: nasal-pharyngeal swabs, viral transport mediums (VTM’s), and bio bags as well as gloves, protective glasses, gowns, masks and other PPE required.
  • Reditus will provide staff on-site for testing.
  • Reditus COVID-19 testing will take place at your determined location and times.
  • Reditus will provide web-based portal access for results.
  • Reditus also will provide the customer service phone number for tested persons and employers to receive test results. 
  • For proposed cost: Reditus Laboratories will supply test collection kits, specimen processing, and portal access using our LigoLab/Test Directly platform.
  • All tests will be performed at lab HQ in Pekin, IL, Milwaukee, WI, or South Carolina.
  • Reditus would provide on-site training for designated personnel if it is desired for self-collecting.
  • Reditus will offer personal cell phone for Reditus staff for any customer service issues or concerns arising from COVID or FluV-19 testing protocols or results.

Convenience Testing:

Venue or Event Employer shall provide the employee the Reditus FluV-19 kit via mail or courier along with the educational material provided by Reditus Laboratories for convenience test sampling.

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