Reditus partnering with ATA to combat antibiotic resistance among patients
Reditus Laboratories is partnering with Advanced Therapeutic Assist to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria one patient at a time.
Reditus ‘on the front lines in the fight against cancer
Reditus Laboratories is excited to bring on our first biomarker as we move to the forefront of malignancy and precision pathology. The test will determine whether patients with certain cancers are good candidates for a specific cancer treatment and soon will be available at Reditus.
Reditus Data Confirm Omicron Quickly Became Dominant Variant
Reditus Laboratories’ data have confirmed what some people already suspected — that the omicron variant quickly became the predominant COVID-19 variant in Illinois.
Reditus Laboratories responding to five-fold increase in testing
Reditus Laboratories is experiencing a five-fold increase in COVID-19 testing but, thanks to the dedication of its employees, the lab’s average turnaround time for processing test results remains 24 to 48 hours…
Reditus Laboratories is expanding into microbiology testing to help doctors to determine appropriate antibiotic therapy to fight urinary tract infections (UTIs) and wound infections…